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Recessed Lighting Spacing

Having the correct recessed lighting spacing in a room is crucial in terms of appearance and function. Fortunately, it's actually very simple once you understand the formula … [Read More]

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Recessed Lighting Installation

Is Installing Recessed Lighting a Good Idea?

Installing recessed lighting improves your home in several major ways, and in my opinion is one of the most useful upgrades that you can make to your home. The first and probably most noticeable improvement is usability or function. It is shown that people … [Read More]

cfl vs led light bulbs

CFL vs. LED: Are LEDs Worth the Money?

In today's energy conscious world, most homeowners are interested in their options for energy efficient recessed lighting. In this post I'll compare the two technologies - CFL vs LED - that can reduce energy consumption by 75% or more over traditional … [Read More]