Our Process

Our process eliminates frustrations homeowners typically experience when having improvements like recessed lighting made to their home.

  • Complete, turn-key installation.
    Our all inclusive installation service means you won’t need to hire another contractor to repair wire routing holes (minor paint touch-up may be required and is not included).
  • ​​Total-Seal System prevents any dust or mess.
    This innovative plastic enclosure system forms a continuous sealed barrier between our working area and your home.
  • Patented tools and unique process.
    We can install recessed lighting in almost any room of a single or two-story home.
  • ​Highest quality fixtures mean safety and savings.
    We use only the highest quality recessed light fixtures available. Our fixtures are “IC” rated, meaning they are safe for direct contact with insulation. In addition, they are “Air-tight” rated to prevent hot or cold air from escaping through the ceiling fixtures.
  • One-day installation.
    Depending on the size of your home, most installations are completed in just one day.
  • ​Fully licensed expert Electricians.
    Our teams are the best in the business and maintain current electrical licensing.
  • ​Fully insured.
    The Recessed Lighting Company is fully insured including Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance.
  • Peace of Mind.
    We’ve has been specializing in recessed lighting installation for more than a decade. Your installation is fully covered by our warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Saturday: By appointment

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